With Science.

What if you had a cheat code to understand how your customers and staff think? What would you do?

That's where we can help.

Stradea focuses on building websites with behavioural science, gamification, and accessibility for businesses and organizations looking for something new.

With a little pop culture twist. Let’s chat. 

How we CAN help

Stradea is a Hamilton-based design lab that builds accessible web design. We create inclusive strategic planning, branding and AODA digital solutions. We leverage a human-centric approach to inclusion-based marketing and brand development. 

We work with our clients to unlock meaning, purpose, and value from their brand identity and help drive their business with scalable solutions and results.

Our approach is designed to teach our clients new skills while helping to solve the big problems no one sees.

We aren’t a one size fits all solution. We focus on your needs and work with you to discover and build a solution that’s perfect for you and your customers. We have 4 core areas of specialties below: 

  • Accessible Web Design,
  • Branding
  • Behaviours and Gamification
  • Web Hosting Services. 

Who We've WorkEd With

Accessible Web Design
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Stradea Accessible Web Design, Branding + Strategy 1
Accessible Web Design
Stradea Accessible Web Design, Branding + Strategy 2
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Accessible Web Design
Accessible Web Design
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Accessible Web Design

Web Design Services

We think of websites as real estate. Your entire online presence is rented. Think about it. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, heck even Shopify. When you leave a service, you don’t get to keep all of your years of development. But with a website, it’s all you. That’s where we can help build you a truly unique online experience, accessible to everyone. 

Brand Services

Branding is all about identity. Without out, you’re just trying to make things stick. 

Our branding process gives you a voice and helps to uncover who your customers are, what they feel about you and why they feel that way.  We break free from conventional norms and collaborate with you to find the real value offered from your brand.

Behaviours and Change

Our team leverages our extensive expertise to help run experiments to test solutions before we implement them. We incorporate design thinking, game theory, and psychology to maximize outcomes and find a perfect “fit” for your needs.

Web Hosting Services

Hosting is integral to the entire web design process. So why not work with your developer to host your site and maintain all of the back end details that you do not need to worry about? 

We have built a unique evolutionary server with Google that only ever gets faster (without charging you any extra). 

Websites We've Created

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