What are Goals?

At Stradea, we speak internet and culture. Our passion is solving problems. Like Dora, we explore and help you find your brand voice and online presence. Stay Golden.

Featured Projects

We love games. Rather, we gamify our approach. We continuously challenge ourselves for our clients. A happy outcome is that we continuously level-up and acquire new skills in industry-leading tools. Here are a few of our recent work.

How we help.

We aren’t a one size fits all solution. We focus on web design solutions and branding. We build a solution that’s perfect for you and your customers.

We add our behavioural science expertise to the problem-solving process and develop a unique gamified approach to each and every solution.

We think of websites as real estate. Your entire online presence is rented. Think about it. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, heck even Shopify. When you leave a service, you don’t get to keep all of your years of development. 

But with a website, it’s all you. That’s where we can help build you a truly unique online experience, accessible by everyone. 


Branding is all about identity. Without out, you’re just trying to make things stick. 

Our branding process gives you a voice and helps to uncover who your customers are, what they feel about you and why they feel that way.  We break free from conventional norms and collaborate with you to find the real value offered from your brand.


How do we motivate people? It’s a tough question, but honestly, that is one of the fundamental principles of behavioural science. With our marketing strategy sessions, we walk through finding your ideal customer, mapping their customer journey, and how to best engage with them.

Our team leverages our extensive expertise to help run experiments to test solutions before we implement them. We incorporate design thinking, game theory and psychology to maximize outcomes and find a solution that is a perfect fit for your needs.


Past Clients

Some of the past clients we've helped over the years.
Intuitive Shipping Logo
Stradea designed logo
Stradea  Accessible Web Design, Branding + Strategy 2020 5
Stradea  Accessible Web Design, Branding + Strategy 2020 3
Stradea  Accessible Web Design, Branding + Strategy 2020 7
Stradea designed logo
Stradea designed logo
Accessible Web Design


It's the internet, content is always being written. This is where you can find some of our thoughts.

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