We help others. Our clients are top of mind in everything we do. But we want to do better. Our CEO (Hugo) has dedicated much of his life to empowering those with disabilities. His story is unique. You wouldn’t know it from talking with him, but he will happily tell you about his personal struggles with Asperger’s syndrome, diabetes, and the adversity he’s overcome throughout his life.

We love accountability and transparency, that’s why we’ve joined with Autism Speaks Canada to help those families living with Autism. Stradea will donate 5% of all revenue generated to this cause. Our goal is to raise $31,479 (Einstein’s birthday). Once achieved, we will celebrate and create a new goal that we can overcome together. We keep track of this goal on our website because we want to be held accountable for what we say. 

Collaboration will be the key to our success, but our real value is in knowing our worth, seeing the bigger picture and using our experiences to make our clients and us better. We all have a story, Stradea is here to help tell yours. If you’d like to work with us to reach this goal, amazing! If you’d like to donate directly to Autism Speaks, even better! Just follow the link below.

Our mission is to build design equality for businesses.
Our vision is to 31,479 companies to be more inclusive & accessible.

Our goal: to raise $31,479

Our Core Values

BE Curious

Gain Perspective

Embrace the Journey

Want to learn more?

If you want to chat with our CEO, he’d love to hear from you. We all believe in helping those in need.

We talk a lot about the power of stories. Stories are important, they are what connects us. If you’d like to hear more about Hugo’s journey, feel free to reach out.

He is always willing to listen.