Behavioural Science Design Lab

Building your strategy and workplace culture through design thinking.

What is a deSign lab?

Design labs are our way of empowering your team to uncover real insights and collaborate on solving your business problems.

Gone are the days of using aggressive advertising tactics to attract customers. In the digital age, customers are empowered through a simple access to information and tools to make prudent purchase decisions.

 The process isn’t merely about solving problems but seeking solutions to the right issues.

Our Process

Like all great journeys, there is a process. Each journey differs in objectives, obstacles and solutions. However, we frame our process in 3 stages: Framing the situation, Validating the solutions, Executing for results. Here's a more in-dept view of our roadmap.
Behavioural science roadmap


Looking to learn about behavioural science? Well, here’s a helpful tool. A 180 point codex illustrated by Buster Benson is a bit over the top, but full of virtually every bias people have in today’s marketing landscape.

Feel free to download our infographic.

Commonly Asked questions

Behavioural science investigates the decision processes and communication strategies within a social system. We involve fields like economics, design, psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science to help frame your problem and design a solution that is uniquely customized to your needs.

We use Behavioural Science as a way to frame our problems, uncover the underlying issues, and create experiments that will effectively answer the questions we have on how to proceed.  

Design thinking is essential in branding because it generates a process that begins with the customer’s need and ends with useful and innovative solutions.

Design thinking works because its structure initiates a natural flow of processes from research to rollout. The framework creates organized processes that keep everyone on track and eliminate the tendency of spending too much time on one thing or skipping ahead. While it’s geared toward understanding and shaping the customer experience, every design thinking activity also profoundly remoulds the expertise of innovators themselves.