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We pride ourselves on our relationship and the quality of consideration we put into all of our work. That’s why we are extremely proud to share some of our favourite clients over the past decade.

CHG logo design
Stradea Design Labs.
Township of Carling logo
Chamberlain Building Services Logo/
Brand logo cause & Effect bar
Comm Tech Solutions
DisGovr Canada Logo
dreal modelling placement logo
eitzen house design logo
felix and fetch logo style for digital design
Stradea designed logo
hammertown metals inc
Stradea Design Labs.
Brand logo nice stix hockey
outlaws hockey logo
Brand logo pc werx
pic me up london photo booth logo
Brand logo poppis piiza
Brand logo premier real estate
ProcessorLinks Logo.
proximity consulting logo design
Brand logo simply green nurtition
Brand logo royal swedish snowballs
space place logo
UES logo design and branding
Wentworth Metal Recycling Logo 2022.
Brand logo yyc paint
Stradea Design Labs.

Frequently asked questions.

Depending on the campaign, scope and timeline, results can be seen within as little as a week with paid social ads. However, to be effective, strategic planning and marketing campaigns tend to take an average of 2-3 months before results can be validated.

Here’s a short article on how to start your first marketing campaign in 7 steps. READ MORE

Great question. It is tough to say as all campaigns differ. As a rule of thumb, a ratio over 5:1 is considered a reliable indicator for a good marketing campaign for most businesses. This means for every $1 spent, the company will see $5 in raised revenue. A 10:1 ratio is exceptional and achieving a ratio above 10:1 is entirely possible. In previous campaigns, Stradea has seen an average rate of 7.2:1 in ROI for our clients.

Here’s a bit more info from an article on Marketing ROI, have a look.

Yes, we have several content writers that we use with exceptional experience in various industries. First, we would sit down with you and get your wish list of objectives and then work with you to deliver on all the items. Think of us as your personal marketing team (for just a fraction of the cost of an in-house team member).