What does design thinking even mean?

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Design thinking is a way to understand the problem surrounding your field and coming up with different ways to tackle the issue. The beauty of it is that anyone can be a design thinker.

The Customer Journey

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The customer journey, on any given website, the user gets an experience when visiting the site. Be that for a purchase, a business transaction, contacting a company, or even

How to sell a 9v Battery in a Cocktail – Part 2 of 2

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Ok, science time. In part 1 of my How to Sell a 9v battery in a cocktail, we framed out the intent and introduced the cognitive biases. To recap, our 4-part experiment, aimed at selling a feature cocktail, using a defined cognitive bias as a catalyst for decision making. We wanted to see which bias was most effective when leveraging suggestive selling tactics to young professionals.