Design thinking for you and your business – Part 3 of 3

do something great design thinking motto

We come to close out our 3 part series on design thinking. And we end off with a bang! We end the series with talking on how to integrate design thinking into your everyday.

We also, introduce one of our moms to the story and show how design thinking is sometimes an astonishing long game. Enjoy.

Design thinking for your business – Part 2 of 3

Jackson Pollock painting in his studio in long island 1949

Part 2 of 3. More Pollock, less Van Gogh. That’s the design thinking motto. Design thinking can be done anywhere and in any industry. Being creative happens everywhere. Part 2 of 3, dives a little deeper into the design thinking world and shows how it fits with all the pieces of your business.

Design thinking for your business – Part 1 of 3

human-centred design live space photo-by-Jurre Houthkamp

Design thinking originated as a designer’s approach to problem-solving, yet over the years, it grew in intricacy and complexity. Regardless, the natural allure of this methodology is that anyone can be a design thinker. It can be done anywhere and in any industry. With the recent state of the world, most of the designing will be done in the safety of our own home, and that’s perfectly fine. Being creative happens everywhere.

COVID-19 Business Resources 2020

business marketing starter pack

BUSINESS RESOURCES TO HELP YOU ADAPT DURING COVID-19 How small businesses can adapt to COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is scary. There is a sense of uncertainty in the markets, and we do not know how this will all turn out. Most of us are practicing social distancing, and in doing so, we have isolated ourselves […]