The grandma facetime paradox

Grandma facebook facetime management

How do Facetime, grandma’s and management connect? I’ve been informed that it’s an aggressively playful vibe at Like a middle-school fraternity house

Attracting customers to a digital bank

digital bmo logo design for online banking

Attracting Customers to Digital Banking The challenge for banks in their current state is to face the implications of a digital change. As technology increases at exponential rates, banks will be at a disadvantage trying to react “in the moment” to new competitors and features. This will disrupt the customer relationship and inevitably decrease banks wallet share. Banks […]

Redefining the laws of physics (in a car)

Tesla case study cover

Redefining the Laws of Physics… a Car Ok, yes, it’s another article about Tesla (the car not the man). You may wonder if I am simply a promoter for electric cars. The answer is no. To be honest, I am not completely sold on the concept of an electric car as a sustainable technology moving […]

7 Unconscious things we do when we buy

consumer behaviour and why we buy

The 7 Unconscious Things We Do When We Buy The way we decide to buy brands is mind-blowing. Literary, it’s like an explosion of neurons doing the Macarena in your head. Recognizing the irrationality of our decisions (there’s 7) can help us make more informed, sensible choices and save money (which is an added bonus). […]