We have broken the learning down into 2 parts. The first section offers a series of downloads. Business plans, recent and past presentations, proposal templates, our business plan slide deck, even some downloaded posters from NASA (yes the real NASA). 

If you are looking for something specific and we don’t have it, just send us a message. I am sure we can help guide you. Part 2 features a few videos that we thought could be helpful. Enjoy.

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Stage 1: Downloads

How Do We Know People?

Looking to learn about people? How about the behaviours of people and how it impacts your business, ideation, or strategy?

Well, you’re in luck, here is our Oct. 24, 2020 presentation on the behavioural activation. All the things you need to know about how to engage with people.

Business Plan

Here is a comprehensive business plan template. It is in Microsoft Word, so it is easy to edit. Business plans can range from all sizes, however, it is recommended that the business plan not exceed 10 pages (excluding cover page, ToC and appendix).

UWO Presentation

If you attended the presentation, thank you for coming. 

If you missed the presentation, unfortunately I am not doing an encore, but since you’re here, someone must have shared the info. Please enjoy. 

Insta for Business

Here’s a guide on how to master Instagram for business in 7 easy Steps from our good friends at Sprout Social. Great for startups.

How to Start

Here is a link to Stanford’s 2014 “How to Start a Start-Up” online class. 20 x 1 hour-long info sessions, from some of the greatest software entrepreneurs of our generation. And it’s free! Enjoy!

Proposal Template

Mobern INDD template design

For those of you familiar with Adobe InDesign, here is a modern proposal template for your RFP’s.

Mood Board Template

Hamilton health services logo design for brand identity strategy

Mood boards are the start of your creative journey. A vital tool when building a brand and a company identity.

Mars (NASA) Poster

Mars Exploration NASA poster

A gorgeous piece representing the future of space travel and the vibrant styling and geometric shapes of the 1960’s.  

Stage 2: Helpful things to know

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If you’ve gone through all the videos, congrats, it is a bit time-consuming. If you looking for some more assistance, just shoot us a message with your request. You might have specific questions, no worries, just send us a note and we will help as best we can.

This message box will link directly to me and let me know it has come from the team. Hopefully the training is going well.