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Our contract with p2i was ever-evolving. As a project management firm, we supported team by assessing new project opportunities and determining the position for winning the RFP. Through our efforts, p2i successfully won 9 contract proposals, which yielded over $370 Million in project value work.

Stradea’s CEO also acted as a brand leader for p2i, leading the development of p2i’s brand guidelines, proposals and for all RFP initiatives. He lead p2i’s proposal correspondence Canadian government clientele and maintained all of their project relations. Due to the manner of work, we even received my reliability security clearance from the Canadian government.

We were actively promoted as a thought leaders by fostering innovative approaches to diagnostic testing and provided guidance on new project opportunities within each emerging project/portfolio channel.

Lastly, we helped maintain the quality assurance on various design-build projects in municipal, public and institutional sectors.


  • RFP written proposal
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email marketing


  • 9 proposals secured
  • $370M in project value work
  • Increased proposal awards 40% year over year


RFP Development

Stradea’s consultants worked with p2i to develop their RFP process. This included breaking down the way an RFP is received, digested, and ultimately graded. 

Our process went through several collaborative iterations before finding an effective recipe for success.


  • 9 RFP’s awarded
  • $370M+ project value secured
  • Increased yearly RFP awards by 40% 
p2i strategies proposal documentation
p2i strategies workplan schedule
p2i strategies icons and planning model
p2i strategies website wireframe


Website Redesign

Stradea is not afraid to challenge the status quo. During our time with p2i we proposed a site redesign. This concept used the leveraged insights from our RFP project and focused on building content that was engaging and interactive with prospects. 

Although, ultimately p2i chose a different direction with their website design, we felt proud of the work our team produced and wanted to share.

Say hi.

Thanks for having a look through our projects. We are a results driven team and we would love to chat with you about your upcoming projects.

Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what we can help you achieve.

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