Capital Hill GRoup

Website & Brand Strategy

The Challenge.

Capital Hill Group works in government relations. They’ve done so for over 30 years. What they lacked was an online presence that reflected their expertise
and unique team. CHG had a site built over 6 years ago and a logo that wasn’t reflective of their current brand position. They required some technical help to reposition their brand in a digital era.


Web Design
Behavioural Science


  • Over 2,600 views/month increase 3 months after launch
  • A staggering 500+% increase in lead generation  
  • Over 24,000 Impressions within 2 months of launch
  • Increase SEO ranking via Google Analytics
  • An enhanced mobile experience
  • A 249% increase in clicks 1 month after launch
  • Brand alignment of the logo, corporate colours and digital assets

Digital Solution.

The Stradea team worked on a full brand redesign. From logo and brand story through to a fully immersed and bilingual website.

We’ve built-in analytics, customer journey tracking and a series of custom icons exclusive to the CHG team. Within a month of launch, the CHG team saw an immense uptake in site traffic and proposal requests.

These solutions included:
• Branding
• Web Design
• User Experience
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Art Direction

Capital Hill Group 1
Capital Hill Group 2