The Challenge.

Cause & Effect was a new venture. Locally owned and corporate drive. We wanted to create something original and full of personality at C&E. Think Instragram meets casual dining with a speak easy motif. 

The Solution.

Stradea developed the business plan which helped secure funding for our flagship build out, all of the creative elements of the interior space, and the entire brand development, including logo, website, and all print materials.

All collateral and branding was handled by Stradea. How did it go? Within 3 months of opening, our promotional video hit over 1 Million views, C&E reached over $1 Million in sales and their review ratings were 4.5+.

The year end sales had topped over $2.24 Million as well. Not a bad start for this new venture with no initial brand presence or recognition.


  • Organic social media development
  • Promotional incentive campaigns
  • PR launch
  • Print media
  • Paid media campaigns


  • $1M in sales within 3 months of launch
  • 6,516 instagram followers
  • 8,000+ website page views/month
  • 1M+ promotional video views
Cause & Effect - website design


Website Design

Cause & Effect competed against some big players. As a locally owned and operated restaurant, C&E wanted to bring something new to their area. 

Stradea helped design the look and feel of their brand. This included the logo design and website. Their digital presence has been vital to the immediate success of C&E. In addition, we were able to develop an entire staff training curriculum that is housed on their site and only available to staff. 

This helped reduce the training time of new staff and gave the C&E management team a tool to leverage when sharing information organization wide.


  • 8,000+ views/month
  • Open Table Award Recipient 2018
  • Staff training time reduced by 25%


Social Media Management

C&E’s instagram presence is formidable. They are constantly engaging with customers and build an impactful online presence. Stadea help design their daily marketing plan (DMP) and produced a series of promotional ads that were interlaced into the (DMP) objectives. 


  • 6,516 instagram followers
  • 10-15% daily engagement from followers
  • 1M+ views of promotional videos
  • 4.0 * rating on google reviews
Cause & Effect - social media samples
Cause & Effect - Business plan


C&E Business Plan

How does a brand succeed? Step 1, create a good business plan. Stradea’s consultants worked on the C&E brand and created their entire business plan and financial modelling. 

These projections leveraged a unique set of variables common within the hospitality sector and worked to provide C&E with a view of the future. 

  • Secured financing for flagship store launch
  • Met yearly predicted projects within 3% deviation