Earls Restaurant

Website Redesign + Rebranding

Project scope.

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction

The challenge.

Earls wanted to garner higher revenue during their off-peak hours (9 pm – 12 am). We were asked to conduct some field research and provide a campaign to engage with key demographics.

The results.

  • Increased revenue by 15%
  • Enhanced customer experience through focus-group testing
  • Produced consumer preference surveys
  • Developed a unique sub-culture through campaigns

The timeline.

  • 12 months
  • 09/2010 –  08/2011

How we helped.

The Earls Late Night campaign focused on the adolescent crowd. My teams efforts were to produce new original collateral to be used at local colleges and universities. Earls Broadway was our flagship restaurant.

All of our test runs for promotions were dealt with the GM of Earls Broadway. A great group to work with. During our tenure with Earls we witnessed a 10% increase in revenues year over year with a 25% increase at the Earls downtown location alone.

In addition, we managed project communications to executives, stakeholders and project teams to ensure deadlines were achieved. We worked with Earl’s Restaurants to lead the strategic planning of Earl’s opinion surveys to identify interests and concerns of key demographics, to be used with all Earl’s locations on brand development campaigns.

Deliverables from the project.

Accessible Web Design
earls Kitchen + Bar Logo
Earls market research and ads
Late Night Campaign Collateral
Earls enjoy the late night campaign
Late Night Campaign Collateral
Earls Cinco de Mayo
Cinco De Mayo Ad
earls Vancouver, BC photo
Earls advertisement
earls Strategy Booklet
Market research for Earls
Survey Results