The Challenge.

With Hamilton Health Sciences, our role was to establish a new brand identity to coincide with the release of their new vision: Best Care for All. Throughout this project, we adopted a collaborative approach and leveraged design thinking best practices to establish a connection to staff and community.

Our role was in designing the Visions, Mission and Value and overall branding guidelines. Our new plaques now stand as permanent fixtures within the halls of the HHS. These samples include some of the collateral we produced. The HHS team was great and we loved working with all the various departments. In addition, we uncovered a growing concern for training and were able to help develop a centre for people development for potential leaders.

Hamilton health services logo design for brand identity strategy


  • Designed the New HHS Vision and Values Plaque
  • Collateral for the HHS Semi-Annual Leadership Forum
  • Designed the First Annual HHS Film Festival
  • Photography for Special Events
  • Human Resources Intranet Website Development
  • Health and Safety Wellness Intranet Development
  • Taught web-design seminars to HHS Staff
  • Had a Blast While Helping their HHS Brand


  • Increase staff engagement 30%
  • Increased brand recognition with the community
  • Established performance benchmark tracking
  • 25% survey response rates increase in yr.1 
hamilton health services brand for digital marketing


Corporate Vision

In our first 12 months at HHS we focussed on developing the new corporate vision and sharing it among staff. 

This included several town hall meetings to discuss the upcoming changes and opinions of staff for the new direction. 

At this stage, our goal was to raise awareness and foster an open dialogue with all staff and hear their opinions. 


Corporate Vision

As part of our brand development, we uncovered a need to engage with staff. 

Our solution was to develop a curriculum that focussed on engaging with potential leaders and helping them gain the skills required to be promoted within the healthcare system. 

Our centre for people development has now become a standard at HHS.

hamilton health services brand for digital marketing
Hamilton health services logo design for brand identity strategy