HHS + Tableau

Tableau Team Training

Project scope.

  • Web Design
  • Course Development
  • Facilitation

The challenge.

During COVID,  Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) needed to process and analyze information at a much more rapid rate. Their solution was to introduce the teams to Tableau, and industry-leading analysis tool. However, no one was trained on the system. Stradea developers worked with HHS to develop a training program and deliver training to all staff. 

The results.

  • Over 30 training videos developed
  • A SharePoint Learning Management System was developed to manage user access

The timeline.

  • 12 months
  • 09/2020 –  08/2021

How we helped.

Stradea developed a comprehensive Tableau training curriculum for the HHS, aimed at equipping staff and leaders with practical skills to extract insights from real-time analysis. The curriculum covered various aspects of utilizing Tableau effectively to visualize and analyze data, including data blending, data aggregation, and the creation of custom visualizations. 

The training was delivered by Stradea facilitators , allowing participants to rapidly advance their knowledge and mastery of the tool. By leveraging the skills and knowledge gained from this training, participants were able to improve their ability to analyze complex data sets, extract insights, and make data-driven decisions that positively impact HHS’s mission and operations.

Deliverables from the project.

Intro to Tableau

Intro to Data Literacy

Tableau - myInsights team infographic.
myInsights infographic
Dashboard guide button.
Dashboard Training Button