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Website & Marketing Strategy

The Challenge.

Designers are creative, collaborative and genuine unless their not. Prior to working with Stradea, Intuitive Shipping had their website redesigned. However, the design (although it looked beautiful) was not converting and the architecture was very templated. Worst of all, whenever the site updated as plugin or its core database, it would crash……..(we know).

The IS team reached out to us for help with their website, affiliate marketing and brand positioning. In short, we needed to redesign their website from the ground up to help promote the Intuitive story (and throw in a few nods to the band Journey in the process, because you can never stop believing’).


Web Design
Marketing Strategy
Behavioural Science


  • AODA-Compliant & mobile responsive
  • Load times below 3 seconds
  • SEO ranking in key markets
  • 219% increase in viewers 30 days after launch
  • 8% increase in session duration (1m 10s)

Logo Designs.​

Digital Solution.

Our team began the journey with an affiliate marketing plan. We were able to uncover key elements of developers and merchants using the Intuitive Shipping suite of apps on Shopify. From there, we dove into a behavioural study of the merchants and mapped out a comprehensive customer journey.

We worked with the IS team, gaining their feedback and sharing our creative process. The new site redesign is AODA-compliant, fully mobile responsive and has gone through over 30 software updates without fault.


Solutions included:

  • Branding
  • Focus Group Testing
  • UX Journey Mapping
  • Web Design with
  • Accessibility
  • Digital style guide
  • Affiliate Marketing Report
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