Project scope.

  • Creative Direction

Project overview.

Who doesn’t love Prada? Not anyone we know. During our photoshoot with Prada, we were the assistant photographer and a post-production editor. When you have a chance to shoot Prada, well, you pretty much have only one option. Enjoy it.

Although a small role, our goal was accomplished. I don’t think anyone will complain about our efforts either. Everyone loved the time we spent together. Especially me.

Our responsibilities were to photograph, edit and repeat. Over several days, we had the opportunity to assist in various photoshoots and provide an immense amount of feedback on visual directions and colour complements.

In the end, it was time well spent with one of my favourite designers…..ever.

The results.

  • Some stunning photos
  • More stunning marketing collateral

The timeline.

  • 2012

How we helped.

Stradea started from scratch in developing the new website (left), in addition, we adopted gamification elements into the brand development, such as team bios that looked like Avatar profiles within the site. 

A few easter eggs (Brooklyn 99, Saved by the Bell, and even Daft Punk) and well over 100 pages later, XpertVR is a dominant force in the VR world and academia. 

With clients spanning Universities, Colleges, Private Consulting, Fire Departments, and Government, the XpertVR is quite unstoppable. 

Deliverables from the project.

Prada colourful shoe display photoshoot
Campaign Ad
marketing digital brand strategy with prada
Poster Pin Up
Prada merchandise display
Merchandising Dsiplay
Prada marketing portrait photo
Poster Pin Up