User Dashboard, Branding, + Website

Project scope.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • User Interface
  • Customer Journey Experience Mapping

The challenge.

AgSights had developed a dashboard to connect farmers with abattoirs, however, they required a greater scope and flexibility with an enhanced dashboard to better support the meat processing community and to create a sustainable business plan for the initiative.

The results.

  • Within 4 months of launch, we saw over 6,000 unique users
  • 60,702 Page Views with over 326,400 actions tracked
  • A combined 7,739 total Google Impressions
  • 80% reduction in site load times (over the original)
  • Custom profiles for each Abattoir – unifying the community

The timeline.

  • 10 months
  • 05/2023 –  03/2024

How we helped.

The Stradea developed an new website for ProcessorLinks and developed a multi-tiered communication platform for farmers and abattoirs to engage with each other. Within this process, we had built our a new brand identity, drover a larger filtering availability for farmers search parameters, and offered a scheduling service built directly into the site. Within 4 months of launch, we have seen over 2,800 users engage with the website. In addition, Stradea has helped AgSights develop

Deliverables from the project.

ProcessorLinks Logo.
ProcessorLinks Logo
ProcessorLinks Homepage.
ProcessorLinks Homepage
ProcessorLinks Favicon.
ProcessorLinks Favicon
ProcessorLinks Dashboard.
Abattoir/Farmer Dashboard