The Challenge.

During early 2009, we were asked to provide project management services for the Lexus/Toyota 3D Icon Navigation project. We provided graphic design services, reviewed all icons and established a digital communication platform for optimized review processes and transferring of files between developers from North America and Japan. Our icon prototypes were going to be used for Toyota’s upcoming 3d icon navigation systems.

The Soution.

As the operational lead for Lexus/Toyota’s 3D navigation project, we used lean six sigma methodologies to help increase operational efficiencies of our project. This resulted in a completion time over 4 months ahead of schedule, which reduced fixed costs by 12% ($1.2M).


  • Six Sigma methodologies
  • Project management
  • Digital communications
  • A lot of coffee


  • 12% reduction fixed costs ($1.2M)
  • Project completion 4 months ahead of schedule
  • 20% reduction of in-brand transactions
Lexus and Toyota 3d navigation icons - round 2
Lexus and Toyota 3d navigation icons


Icon Designs

A series of icons designed for the 2010 Lexus/Toyota 3d navigation GPS in-dash systems.


Navigation Interface

Toyota navigation mock-up design for the navigation prototype. As you can see from the imagery, the 3d icons give the navigation an enhanced interactivity for users. A great addition to the Lexus and Toyota brand.

Toyota 3d navigation system