Website & Brand Strategy

The Challenge.

The XpertVr team was a start up that originated from Brock University. Over the last 4 years, we have worked hand-in-hand with the XpertVR leaders in weekly development sessions. When the team originally reached out to Stradea, it was to help redesign their website, and build out their brand identity. Overall, the old site was not helping promote their brand. With less than 500 views/month, it was “no bueno.” 

The team not only needed a new website, they needed a new brand position, something that described their purpose, their aspirations, and their talent. With the need for a new website, AODA compliance and a branding refresh, our team got to work.


Web Design
Strategic Planning
Behavioural Science

Results After 1 Year.

  • Over 70,000 Page Views by over 47,500 User
  • 42,645 Clicks
  • Over 1.32 Million Impressions
  • 8 First Page Google Results

Digital Solution.

Stradea started from scratch in developing the new website (left), in addition, we adopted gamification elements into the brand development, such as team bios that looked like Avatar profiles within the site. 

A few easter eggs (Brooklyn 99, Saved by the Bell, and even Daft Punk) and well over 100 pages later, XpertVR is a dominant force in the VR world and academia. 

With clients spanning Universities, Colleges, Private Consulting, Fire Departments, and Government, the XpertVR is quite unstoppable. 

XpertVr Website Redesign 2