Historically, consulting firms build a legacy structure, hire the top talent from the top schools and mold them into their ideal consultants, associates, and eventually, partners. They have an excellent recipe for success, it has been fostered over decades. But, if you’re always bringing the same solutions to the table, are you really asking the right questions?

What if you had those same top-tier graduates go off to challenge themselves, to do more and to be better?

So, what is better?

For us, it is simple, we help others. Our clients are top of mind in everything we do. But, we want to be better. One way is through our CEO (Hugo) who is dedicated to empowering those with his disability. His story is unique. You wouldn’t know it from talking with him, but he will happily tell you about his personal struggles with Asperger’s syndrome and the adversity he’s overcome throughout his life.

We love accountability and transparency, that’s why we’ve set up a fund with Autism Speaks Canada that will help develop music therapy research for people with living with autism. That is why 5% of all revenue generated at Stradea will be donated to this cause. Our goal is to raise $31,479 (Einstein’s birthday). Once achieved, we celebrate and create a new goal that we can overcome together.

We want to change the world, one step at a time.

Collaboration will be the key to our success, but our true value is in knowing our worth, seeing the bigger picture and using our experiences to make us and our clients better. We all have a story, Stradea is here to help tell yours. If you’d like to work with us to reach this goal, amazing! If you’d like to donate directly to Autism Speaks, even better! Just follow the link below.



We build it everyday


We prove it with each project


The key to ours and your success

Want to learn more?

If you want to chat with our CEO, he’d love to hear from you. We all believe in helping those in need.

We talk a lot about the power of stories. Stories are important, they are what connects us. If you’d like to hear more about Hugo’s journey, feel free to reach out.

He is always willing to listen.

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