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Building your strategy and workplace

culture through design thinking.

What are design labs?

Design labs are our way of empowering your team to uncover real insights and collaborate on solving your business problems.

What's our design thinking framework?

Gone are the days of using aggressive advertising tactics to attract customers. In the digital age, customers are empowered through simple access to information and tools to make prudent purchase decisions.

Adopting a client-centric approach to your company offerings is crucial for success. However, taking up a confident approach requires gaining an in-depth understanding of your customers’ pain points. That way, you will be able to craft products or services that are tailored to the needs of the client. Here, incorporating design thinking will make a difference.

 Design thinking allows a company to identify what a customer wants, likes, and willing to pay for. The process isn’t merely about solving problems but seeking solutions to the right issues.

Design thinking is undoubtedly one of the best techniques for strengthening a brand’s innovation strategy. It is a customer-centric approach to getting solutions to problems. Innovating to spruce up a product or service for the sake of clients is the focus of design thinking. Organizations that have successful innovation game plans all begin with seeking to understand the challenges of their customers.


Our design thinking framework uses a collaborative and iterative scheme. It starts by examining all possibilities and then narrows and concentrates on reaching a solution. The process creates ideas that may eventually turn to physical or online products or services, instead of committing to a quick fix from the start. Additionally, solutions undergo road testing before huge investments are put into products or services.

Design thinking is different from other strategies.

Here are the two primary reasons why we use design thinking at Stradea.

It is customer-centric

The first design thinking framework stage utilizes generative research, which may incorporate interviews, surveys, focus groups and contextual questions. That helps in defining an issue and identifying innovation and opportunistic areas. The end goal is to gain a complete understanding of the needs and wants of your customers

Design Think for Your Business​, design labs

It reduces risk

Making prototypes shapes innovation and decreases risk for a company. Testing prototypes with clients leads to insights that shape the next stage of prototype creation. The product offering gets closer to being a viable solution that suits the desires and requirements of a customer

How Do We Use Design Thinking at Stradea?

At Stradea, we utilize design thinking to deal with complex branding problems in a human-centric and collaborative way.

It’s a well-known fact that how companies brand themselves to have a better reach to customers is becoming more critical. Many successful companies have been using design thinking to gain a competitive advantage. That involves thinking from the customer’s perspective, walking in their shoes, and generating solutions that match their needs.

When you come to Stradea, we will guide you on how you can incorporate design thinking into your branding. The approach can help you reap substantial rewards for both you and the end-users of your products or services. Design thinking centers on future-oriented solutions, rather than past problems. That leads to improved product delivery, high adoption rates, enhanced ROI and happy customers.

Stradea offers the following services

  • Co-Creation Design labs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand & Logo Design
  • Customer experience planning
  • Customer persona research
  • User focus groups, testing, and research
  • Team skills training in web design
  • Design thinking for Workplace Culture
  • Brainstorm sessions/work labs

Design Thinking & Branding FAQ's

Design thinking is essential in branding because it generates a process that begins with the customer’s need and ends with useful and innovative solutions.

Design thinking works because its structure initiates a natural flow of processes from research to rollout. The framework creates organized processes that keep everyone on track and eliminate the tendency of spending too much time on one thing or skipping ahead. While it’s geared toward understanding and shaping the customer experience, every design thinking activity also profoundly remoulds the expertise of innovators themselves.

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