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Are you tired of sluggish and unreliable hosting services that hold back the success of your small or medium business? Say goodbye to those days and hello to the fun and fast hosting experience you deserve.

Why do we offer hosting?

During our time developing websites, we have learned some very important lessons. 

  1. First, find your “people”
  2. Choose a tech stack and stick with it
  3. Keep things simple and consistent 

To that end, hosting was something we felt differed from every client. Imagine, 200+ websites created and over a dozen different types of hosting setups. We wanted to simplify the process, so we did. 

We offer top-notch website hosting packages and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Our packages are not only affordable but packed with features to help you grow your online presence.

But wait, it gets even better! Our hosting is 10x faster than your conventional mainstream hosting providers. That’s right, you heard it correctly. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, combined with expert optimization techniques, ensures that your website loads lightning-fast, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Even better than that, we have created an evolutionary server. Meaning, every time we bring a new client into our server, we upgrade the CPU, RAM, or Hardrive space. It is constantly growing. BUT, you never pay more than what you start at. Think of it, a supercomputer at your fingertips and at a fraction of the price. 

We offer daily backups, and 99.99% uptime guarantee, and a tech stack of security tools built directly into your site. You can rest assured that your website is in good hands. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to more sales, traffic, and growth for your business. Our websites are mobile ready and meet WCAG and AODA accessibility requirements. Reach out today and let’s chat about your website project and how we can help.

Ready to join the fun and fast world of hosting? Send us a message below and we can build you the perfect package to meet all of your needs. 

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As web designers, we know the extra costs add up. Hosting being one of the biggest culprits. Which account do I go with? What package should I choose? Are there any hidden fees?

At Stradea, we wanted to make it easy. Have us build your new website and we’ll give you web hosting on our dedicated servers free for 12 months. Our hosting packages range from $39 – $250/mth. Any package, completely free. 

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