engagement through disruption.

Stradea adopts a unique blend of behavioral science, design thinking and analysis to tackle the problems your organization faces. From refining your brand story, or designing an interactive website to product launches, and a robust omnichannel marketing campaign. Our 6 step process fosters our belief in collaboration and inquiry. 

We facilitate discovery workshops. We talk with your team, research to learn behaviours, test hypothesis, and validate assumptions.

We define your key issues and then take the time to understand your audience, their personas, the best place to reach them and the most effective messages to communicate with.

We distill the learning and define the goals of the campaign. We like big ideas that tie into the customer journey organically. We work with you to clearly define how each segment of the strategy will build a cohesive campaign or engaging work culture.

We take our strategy and define the communications roadmap in our creative planning stage. We will integrate creative concepts that are consistent across all channels. For campaigns this involves an iterative design and testing process.

For workplace culture solutions, this involves dissecting the pain points and leveraging processes that will engage and empower staff to organically adopt to the new collaborative environments.

Creative is great, but we take it one step further. Once we understand the problem to solve for and the message that best resonates, we test the creative to determine the effectiveness of each specific tactic or strategy use.

This helps determine the ideal state for the campaign launch.

We are finally ready to launch. We monitor user behaviour of your campaign and test tactics to improve results. We use the data to build deeper insights and improvements.

These review sessions help us refine messaging and concepts for future iterations. Analyzing the results allows us to create future engagement and uncover areas of opportunity for your business to grow.

that build on the power of a good story.


We’re a consultancy and creative agency rolled into one. We do things differently, bringing integrated digital solutions to life. Success depends on having the foresight and courage to take action. Fortune favours the bold after all. Let Stradea transform your biggest ideas into reality. No matter how intricate your creative challenge, we have the skills, experience, and drive to help you take action and launch a robust creative campaign. 

What’s most important is understanding who you are. Our first objective is to do just that. We work with you to establish your unique identity and collaborate on telling your story. Together we create the perfect balance between imagery, artistry, colour, and how it translates across digital and (sometimes) traditional channels.

Your website is a funnel for your business. The more engagement you see, the greater the chance of prospects and leads. We work with you to build engagement of your website. Our objective is to inform and engage your customers, encouraging them to start a conversation with your team. Our interactive approach takes AODA guidelines and blends them with stunning design and UX. After we are done, we teach your team how to maintain the day to day operations of it. Truly giving you the tools, you need to grow.


We use the Shopify and WordPress for your web design projects. if you have a preference, or are unsure which would serve you better, let us know. We would be happy to talk your through the pros and cons of each. 

Success depends on having the vision and courage to take action. We help business do things differently, by bringing integrated creative and digital solutions to life with collaborative strategies, engaging user experiences, and a team of talented designers that will transform your objectives and ideas into creative reality.
We’re transforming the digital journey in a way traditional consultancy or agencies alone cannot We take the time to define your audience. We combine the creative and digital capabilities of an advertising agency with the technical experience, behavioral science, and business strategies to create something that is much more than the sum of its parts. We can help you understand the bigger picture and the most effective messages that will connect with your customers.


We immerse an organizations team into customized workshops that blend behavioral science, design thinking, and strategic problem solving to help solve their toughest business challenges in a collaborative and creative way. We have tackled all types of business challenges and we guide our clients into taking decisive and cohesive action. We harness the power of creativity, nostalgia, and analytics to foster true digital breakthroughs.

The world is tied to nostalgia. Our brains hold over 2.5 petabytes of memories. Our design thinking workshops tap into our creativity by uncovering a sense of nostalgia when solving problems. We develop a uniquely customized learning experience for each organization based on the issues at hand. Our day-long workshops will foster engagement, collaboration, behavioural science best-practices and true design thinking in an unconventional format. The results illustrate how cohesion works and how planning methodologies do not always lead to faster timelines.

Customer journey mapping is an integral part of all marketing, communication, and account management. A sale is only one step in an entire journey and often times, it is not the most lucrative opportunity. In our mapping sessions, we help your team plan out their customer journey, build buyer personas, analyze each stage of engagement, role-play the customer experience, and review the outcomes together.

These collaborative sessions allow your teams an open forum to question their current processes and to help forge a new path to success. Our guided sessions give them the tools to understand the entire buying process (awareness, considerations and decision), as well as the finer nuances and patterns that emerge in each target market persona.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are a vital tool in today’s business ecosystem. HubSpot is quickly becoming the tool of choice for many businesses. At Stradea, we help our customers develop their customers journeys and will even set up HubSpot into your business. Below is a list of our teams certification with HubSpot.
growth-driven-design hubspot certification

social media certification badge


In order to know where we are going, we need to know where we came from. Our consultants will start your design journey with field tests and observe the product in its natural habitat. Despite conventions, developing a product strategy is not a side-of-desk job. Data, customer personas, journey mapping, creative testing, and connecting all the research together takes valuable time away from building your business.

Let Stradea help discover the ideal product frameworks that connect with your customers and build on your brand.

Customers will not remember what you did for them in life, but they will remember how you made them feel. We look to your current approach for engagement and help formulate a framework that focuses on the relationships with customers or internal staff.

These sessions examine perceptions, personas, and processes to uncover the key factors for your business success. From there, our team will develop a customized strategy or framework that can be integrated into your current processes that cultivates an exceptional experience for your intended users.

Our design labs are a bold move forward for any company. In our design labs, we invite organizations to come to Stradea with a problem to solve for. During our lab, we take a multi-faceted approach to problem solving and give your team approaches to solve for similar problems. Throughout the day, we build on the skills learned and conclude with a collaborative conceptual workshop that pairs your team with our designers to build the fundamental designs. Once we review our insights, we provide your team with the results of the lab and experiments.

Need help?

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