Leadership: A Humble Perspective

Leadership: A Humble Perspective 1

What is Leadership, and how does it differ from management? The classical view of an overbearing boss with non-negotiable goals, rounding up their team and…

Netflix Case Study Analysis

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The year was 2014, and our team was tasked with developing a report of Netflix. Like most behavioural studies, our adventure started in the Ivey clad façade of Harvard University and took us all the wa

A Real Business Strategy Story

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There’s no such thing as mandatory education. You either want to learn, or you don’t. In addition, education isn’t just learning in school. I had a colleague I attended my graduate degree with at this liberal arts university along the East Coast. After completing his MBA, he was off to one of the Big 5 consulting groups. Sure, I was jealous. It would have been my dream job. But that’s how life goes.

The New Social Contract

Accessible Web Design

Colours hold innate value, deeply entrenched meaning, and the power to induce multifarious emotions and nostalgic sentiments. In this article we focus on how colours can impact your brand.