Team Traning

team training

Team training is always important, so we’ve broken down the training into stages. Each stage is meant to build off of the previous. We start with user experience (ux) and use interface (ui) design, jump into trends and then dive into web development. 

We switch over to Elementor, SEO and a bit of WordPress tools. Then finish off with Social Media tools, Photoshop and InDesign. All in all, I want to keep this evolutionary and topics may change as we progress.

Hack the planet!!!!!

Well no, not actually. But here is a systematic approach to the team training. 

ux & ui design (the basics)

ux & ui trends for 2020

ux & ui design for websites

Content strategy for the web

Graphic Design Fundamentals

The Best of Adobe

Useful Videos

Intro to Elementor Pro

Advanced Custom Fields for Elementor Pro


SEO (On-Page & Off-Page) Strategies

It’s Ferdy! Ya!

Sales Navigator & Social Media Tutorials (The Basics)

Additional online learning

Hands down the beat tutorials for developing a brand, a business, and everything digital!

Stanford 2014 “How to Start a Start-Up” online class. 20 hour long sessions in total. Enjoy!

Interact with Elementor users from all over the world, working together to help one another solve problems and elevate their web design skills.

Here’s an online article about setting up Rank Math SEO. Just in case videos aren’t your PB & Jam.

Ok, what now?

Well, you made it through the team training, so that’s a good thing.

You might have questions, no worries, just message me. This message box will link directly to me and let me know it has come from the team. Hopefully the training is going well.