Redefining the Laws of a Car

Ok, yes, it’s another article about Tesla (the car not the man). You may wonder if I am simply a promoter for electric cars. The answer is no.

To be honest, I am not completely sold on the concept of an electric car as a sustainable technology moving forward. Well, that’s not true. Theoretically, electric cars could develop a method of unlimited fuel (solar), but they is still many moons away. Instead, lets talk about the P85D or better known as the Tesla Sedan that can kick a Lambo in a quarter mile.

The Tesla Model S P85D performed well on Consumer Reports’ road tests. Be well we mean it generated a raw score of 103 on a scale that only goes up to 100.

The high-performance Tesla’s incredible showing actually forced Consumer Reports to reset its scoring system with P85D as the new benchmark…..for a third time.

When were the first two?

One shouldn’t be surprising at all. In 2013 the P85D’s own sibling — the single-engine Model S scored a 110/100. So they had to reset the scoring and eventually fell to 99. Prior, and quite shocking, in 1996, the Porsche Boxster scored 100 on its road test. Simply put the P85D has had an even harder scoring metrics and still came out with flying colours.

“Usually, when you review the base model and then the performance model, you get more performance but lose efficiency,” Consumer Reports’ auto editor Mark Rechtin told Business Insider in an interview. “That didn’t happen here. In fact, it got more efficient. The car defies the laws of physics.” Just to recap the Model S is amazing, the P85D is faster and with better mileage. Again, I say FASTER and with BETTER MILEAGE. Not a typo.

tesla model s photograph

Armed with an 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack and Tesla’s “Insane Mode” software, CR’s P85D managed the sprint to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Although that time is nearly half a second slower than Tesla’s claimed time, the P85D is still the quickest car the publication has ever experienced. Rechtin compared the Tesla’s 1.02 Gs of force on acceleration to that of jumping off a building. At the same time, Consumer Reports found the dual-motor achieved the equivalent to 87 mpg in fuel economy with a range of more than 200 miles. Again, it is worth mentioning this is a sedan. You go to the grocery store in this. Odd, you don’t go to a grocery store in a Ferrari. Maybe it’s just not fast enough now. According to Rechtin, the Tesla’s closest conventional rival in CR’s road tests is the iconic Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which scored 95/100.

With that said, Rechtin was quick to point out that the P85D’s high score doesn’t mean it’s the perfect car. In fact, the score only accounts for the Tesla’s performance in the road test. This means that parameters such as acceleration, handling, braking, and interior fit and finish were taken into consideration while other factors, such as reliability, were excluded. See, not the perfect car, but simply just amazing. However, if Tesla is anything like SpaceX, I think we will be fine.

Tesla model s in warehouse
 Let’s give a little insight, at $128,000, the P85D lacks some of the gizmos and gadgetry that others in its price point delivers, heck it doesn’t even have a flux capacitor. Furthermore, Tesla’s growing network of Superchargers is still inadequate. As any gear head can admit, superchargers are quite a finicky item to play with. I see it taking a little time to perfect. But when it does, well, let’s just say the 103 score will have its competition. Albeit we have a photo below and it still has some slick features. The ergonomics could be a little more aspiring though.
“Even with the great range, the Model S is still an electric car, and any long trip will have to be dictated by the location of charging stations.” 

This is my main issue with electric vehicles. No cottage bound trips unless you’re in Sweden where they have charging stations everywhere.

It’s been rumored that Elon Musk’s company will be releasing a $35,000 Model 3 in 2016 to ’17. I say rumored, because there’s evidence, but things always change. Still even a sub $45K electric car with the gadgetry Tesla is known for would be a game changer. Sorry Leaf, you really aren’t even competing in this paradigm. In short, Tesla, you never cease to amaze. Now where is my jet pack Elon? I figure a guy like you must have thought of making one?