Volkswagen Volksfest

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Volksfest is an annual outdoor non-judged European car and motorcycle show taking place across Canada. It is one of the coolest European car events in Canada. We were was asked by local Vancouver dealers to help manage the Vancouver Volksfest event and design new collateral for local dealership use. The work below was the outcome of those requests.

It was a great event with a lot of wonderous vehicles and a spectacular weekend. 

One of the best events we have participated in.

Volkswagen VW Beetle advertisement Das Auto


Das Beetle

Volkswagen is iconic, there is no denying it. When we were asked to produce some local promotional pieces for a dealership, we were thrilled.

This Beetle was actually a photo of one of the mechanics very own VW’s. Das Auto has long been the VW slogan, with a slight modification, we were able to keep to brand and create an identity for this adorable beetle.

Overall, a fun photo shoot with a great client.

Volkswagen VW futuristic car design Das Auto
Volkswagen VW futuristic car design Das Auto poster print media
Volkswagen VW car design

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