Website Accessibility Audits.

Not every Canadian can access information easily – the way they interact with technology has become increasingly difficult. Accessibility isn't just about compliance; it's about inclusion. Imagine extending a hand to someone in need. That's what an accessibility audit does for your website.

Our accessible design philosophy.

It connects your content to a broader audience, ensuring everyone can access it. From high colour contrast to effective typefaces, every detail matters.

Laws like AODA in Ontario mandate this inclusivity, recognizing the importance of accessibility in both physical and digital spaces. So, whether it’s the legal requirement or the moral imperative, embracing accessibility isn’t just about meeting guidelines—it’s about reaching out and connecting with every individual, ensuring no one is left behind.

By law, you must now make new and significantly refreshed websites accessible if you are an organization with over 20 employees or an organization in the public sector.

What does our accessibility include?

We break our audits down into 3 segments: the initial evaluation, the audit, and the report. This process ensures a thorough examination of your website’s accessibility and provides actionable insights to improve compliance.

  • Measure written and graphic content for readability and visibility.
  • Measure website performance and functionality (e.g., page loading speed, onsite search tools).
  • Initial user experience journey audit.
  • Conduct an expert evaluation of your website’s compliance with AODA requirements.
  • Analyze a representative sample page in-depth.
  • Identify best practices for content needing redesign or adjustments.
  • Create a checklist of current compliance and violations to WCAG 2.1 guidelines.
  • Provide a detailed report outlining the findings of the accessibility audit.
  • Summarize the necessary work needed to meet compliance standards.

Frequently asked questions.

Why does AODA compliance matter for your website? Because at the end of the day, it’s not about just checking a box or meeting a legal requirement.

It’s about creating an inclusive online experience for everyone who visits your site. When you prioritize accessibility, you’re not just doing the right thing – you’re also opening up your business to a whole new audience, and showing that you value all of your customers equally.

So don’t just think of AODA compliance as an obligation – think of it as a way to build a better brand and a stronger community. Engagement of the user is critical in your website’s success, as well as your website AODA commpliance.

Accessibility allows all users to use your site equally. Although not a direct ROI, an accessible website will provide smoother navigation for prospects and clients, as well as take a user=first approach to interaction on the website.

A website accessibility audit can take as little as a few days or a more expansive 1-month process. This takes into consideration the size of website, the review processes selected and the timeline to completion given.

Audits are based on the level of detail requested for the quote, in addition to the page count of the website. These prices range on average from $5,000 – $10,000 per site audit with an approximate turn around time of 3 – 4 weeks. 

Audits we've conducted.

To us, branding is an art form. When we build a strategy, we work to develop the core assets needed to create an iconic impression.

Here are a few samples of brands and logos we have helped create over the years.

Stradea Design Labs.
Capital hill Group logo
Comm Tech Solutions
DisGovr Canada Logo
Stradea designed logo
Stradea Design Labs.
pic me up london photo booth logo
ProcessorLinks Logo.