Brand Identity Services.

At the heart of every successful business is a crystal-clear vision and a distinct identity. Much like the iconic Apple brand, a well-defined vision becomes the north star that guides every endeavour. It's not just a mission statement; it's the essence that sets you apart in the vast sea of businesses.

Our brand identity philosophy.

A brand is more than a logo; it’s a promise. Your brand identity is vital—it’s the story that connects with your audience. It sets you apart in a crowded market. Your brand should be an experience, leaving an emotional imprint. 

In a world full of options, a clear brand vision grabs attention and builds loyalty. Picture your brand as an experience, an emotion that lingers in the minds of your customers. It’s the art of simplifying the complex and making your mark transcend into loyalty.

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Similarly, a well-defined brand identity needs to resonate and captivate your community.

Let’s chat on how we can help you find your story.

Our branding services.

We work with you to find your story, understand your why and build a visual identity that you can relate to and share with your customers and staff.

Branding is so much more than a logo and some colours. It is understanding your why and finding a way to express your purpose and value in the eyes of your customers.

This is the fun part of the branding. Where we develop the “look and feel.” Often people associate brands with just logos, colours, and typefaces. At this stage we will build those assets and so much more.

When we are done, you will have a comprehensive style guide for you and your entire team.

You have an idea for a business. Great! How do you know it will work? You want to launch a campaign, perfect. What do you plan to learn from it.

Using a focus group to collect qualitative data on consumer experience allows you to create products and services that meet client needs.

Stradea helps with the planning, designing, and analyzing of all your focus group discussions.

The process a client or prospect follows to meet an aim with your business is known as a customer journey map.

Through customer journey mapping, you get to see the motivation of your customers. As part of our branding processes, we uncover the driving factors that will help you engage with your ideal customers.

Building awareness isn’t something that happens by accident. It’s about crafting a consistent and compelling presence that others can connect to. 

Think about your brand as an experience, as something that evokes emotion and stays with people long after they’ve interacted with it.

Stradea branding strategy processes blends all of our services into a collective plan, mapping out your near and long term goals with a connection to your business. We work with your staff to help them find their identity and tie it into the ecosystem of your business. We also hold the leadership accountable when fostering this new direction. We build your leadership team by supporting your staff to grow and evolve with your business. 

Frequently asked questions.

A brand identity is the face of any business – it represents your personality, values, and what you stand for (not just your logo).

it is the emotional and visual representation of your brand to the world. Building a strong brand identity helps to create a unique and memorable experience for your customers, fosters trust and loyalty, and sets you apart in a crowded market. Without a strong brand identity, it can be difficult to make an impact and connect with your target audience.

Great question. Your identity is what people think of when they think of you. Think of the Apple brand, they’ve spent decades building their identity and it reflects in everything they do. 

Awareness and consideration (when purchasing) are key factors for a strong brand. But it ties your culture, your people, and your overall community and customers together. For an ROI when all those peices connect together, the sky is the limit.

Yes, we work with you to uncover what makes your brand unique. There are a number of ways we accomplish this, but know that we collaborate with you and your team to find your voice. We do not tell you what your voice is. You tell us and then we help to find the most effective narrative to align with that.

Identities we've supported.

To us, branding is an art form. When we build a strategy, we work to develop the core assets needed to create an iconic impression.

Here are a few samples of brands and logos we have helped create or support over the years.

Brand logo design for cartesian
Stradea Design Labs.
Township of Carling logo
Chamberlain Building Services Logo/
Brand logo cause & Effect bar
Comm Tech Solutions
DisGovr Canada Logo
eitzen house design logo
felix and fetch logo style for digital design
Stradea designed logo
hammertown metals inc
Brand logo hugsby health science
Stradea Design Labs.
Brand logo media nv
Brand logo modern hearing
Brand logo nice stix hockey
Brand logo on track computer training
pic me up london photo booth logo
ProcessorLinks Logo.
proximity consulting logo design
Brand logo simply green nurtition
space place logo
UES logo design and branding
Wentworth Metal Recycling Logo 2022.
Brand logo yyc paint
Stradea Design Labs.