Why we do it

Sometimes being digital is just not enough.

An introduction.

The world is in constant evolution, everyone is always looking for the next big thing. As humans, we crave new experiences and look to the internet and social media to provide a majority of our entertainment. However, it comes with a cost. In recent years, attention spans have declined, face-to-face communication is becoming extinct, and brand loyalty is scarce. 

That is why Stradea was born. We are a Hamilton-based digital consultancy. We build collaborative strategies to develop accessible websites, digital marketing content and campaigns, and help enhance your corporate culture by leveraging a blend of behavioural science, design thinking, and digital strategy to help organizations understand who their customers are and what they want from you or your competitors.

Project or campaign, we always start with your story, told by you. We work in a collaborative environment and conduct field studies to observe your corporate culture and see how others view it as well. We love building building strategies with our clients and partners.  We use emotional branding practices, data-driven insights, and some fantastic talent to craft integrated marketing plans and projects that outperform, and we can prove it. Just have a look at some of our past projects and results from our past work.

We put people first. When you think about it, brands are like people: we can relate to them. We trust the ones that are familiar and emulate the ones we adore. These are the brands that stand apart. 

They have a purpose. They inspire us.
But most importantly, they know why they exist.

Our Core Values.


Like Picasso & Einstein

BE Curious

Like George

Gain Perspective

Like (Ed) Witten

Embrace the Journey

Like (Terry) Fox